Monday, August 20, 2012

Yesterday I was Expecting........

August 19, 2012 was the day we were told to expet our son. Our first born. Our new chapter in life. knowing good and well that my son was going to come when he was darn good and ready. :) I was picturing my self in a hospital bed snuggling my new born, with my Matt by my side sharing our joy. But this is not how my day went. My day started with a soggy reminder of tears on my cheeks, empty arms, and an aching heart. I would not wake to my sons cries, laughs, or sweet face. I woke up a bereaved mother. Matt and I cut fresh flowers from our yard to take to our son. We got to the Cemetary, as I layed over my sons grave, I found myself pleading with God again...with that torturing question of "WHY ???".
After visiting with family for the evening i slowly pulled out of my tantrum with God.....started to see the blessings i STILL have! I wonder what could have been, but I still claim victory walking with Christ....My Ultimate Goal Is to help educate other people about enviromental effects on womens reproductive health and utero, and to tell my Sons story!

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Much Love

Cash's Mom

Monday, July 23, 2012

8 months

Yesterday i would have been 8 months pregnant with my sweet baby boy. the 14th will be 5 months since i had him. As time goes on, it amazes me how he is still soo fresh in my mind.Those moments I got to hold him were truly such a gift from God. So many people were praying for us and We did feel each prayers. Yes sometimes I find myself feeling as if I failed at being a mother, or that i somehow robbed matt of having a son.... these thoughts are untrue and irrelevant. Overall I am soo thankful for all who supported us thru this walk and also the people who still do!

Much love!

Cash's Mom

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Links On Gastroschisis (frequently updated)

    ~Cash at 18 weeks Gestation~

  • What is Gastroschisis?

Pregnant Or Planning?????

As Consumers in America, Many times we lose sight of our health. Trading Healthy choices and being educated for convenience. This especially applies to our diets. Do you know where your vegtables in your salad were grown?? What was used to treat them??  In most cases the answere to this question is "NO".
After giving birth to my Son Cash, whom which had passed away inutero. We were made aware of what had stopped the that beautiful growing life. Gastroschisis.

# 1 link to this horrible grim is pesticides used in farming.
Simple Ways to lesson your odds???
Yes we know that daily, you are exposed to many things that put your health at risk......BUT what if just by chosing to eat  organic , you could cut your odds in half for your unborn child???

Atrazine, being a "herbacide" used in over 75% of ag farming  is the topic of many science teams across multiple  University. Thus being a large factor in gastroschisis.........

What are you Eating???

"knowlege is power"

Gastroscisis Linked to Common Use of Agriculture Chemical ATRAZINE

Link between birth defect gastroschisis and the agricultural chemical atrazine found
Published: Friday, February 5, 2010 - 06:45 in Health & Medicine
In a study to be presented today at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine's (SMFM) annual meeting, The Pregnancy Meeting ™, in Chicago, researchers will unveil findings that demonstrate a link between the birth defect gastroschisis and the agricultural chemical atrazine. Gastroschisis is a type of inherited congenital abdominal wall defect in which the intestines, and sometimes other organs, develop outside the fetal abdomen through an opening in the abdominal wall. The incidence of gastroschisis is on the rise, increasing two to four times in the last 30 years.
Researchers at the University of Washington (Seattle), were alerted to a higher than normal number of cases in Eastern Washington which caused them to hypothesize that the increased incidence could be due to environmental exposures in that area.
"Our state has about two times the national average number of cases of gastroschisis," said Dr. Sarah Waller, one of the study's authors. "The life expectancy for fetuses with this diagnosis is better than 90 percent; however it requires delivery at a tertiary care center with immediate neonatal intervention which often separates families and can cause serious financial and emotional stress."
The team conducted a study of all cases of live born infants with gastroschisis during the period of 1987-2006. They matched birth certificates with U.S. Geological Survey databases of agricultural spraying. They looked at the chemicals atrazine, nitrates, and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.
Of the 805 cases and 3616 controls in the study, gastroschisis occurred more frequently among infants whose mothers resided less than 25 km from the site of high surface water contamination with atrazine. No risk was associated with the other chemicals reviewed in the study. The risk of gastroschisis also increased for women who conceived in the spring (March through May), when chemical use is more prevalent.

March of Dimes Was a Success!!!

Matt and I With all the Remicks participated in the March f Dimes Walk for babies!!! Kerri Remick (Matts Mom) Wanted to celebrate her birthday morning walking in honor of her grandson Cash. It was a wonderful experience and very eye opening as to how many babies are born with soo many odds against them. Seeing as I gave birth to Cash just two months ago, Matt and I did not invest as much time as we would have liked into bringing awareness and information on Gastroschisis. We are very looking forward to next year where we can bring our "A game" . Thanks to all of the friends and Family who donated and walked!!!  It was a beautiful way to Honor the Sweet Life of my angel Baby Cash Lawrence Remick.

~Cash's Mom.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Walk For Cash

March Of Dimes Walk May 12, 2012

Please Join our team To walk in honor of Cash Lawrence Remick.
Team "Baby Cash"
Cash Passed away March 13th 2012 from Gastroschisis.

 To Join or donate Click on the link below!

Thank you :0)

Tacoma Washington
Distance of walk 3.5 miles.
Start @ Wilson Highschool Registration @ 8 am  walk starts @ 9 am

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gastroschisis represents a congenital defect characterized by a defect in the anterior abdominal wall through which the abdominal contents freely protrude. There is no overlying sac and the size of the defect is usually less than 4 cm. The abdominal wall defect is located at the junction of the umbilicus and normal skin, and is almost always to the right of the umbilicus".

Where Cash Lawrence Remick's Story Started,
It all started December 9th 2012. I was sufffering from what I thought was a "ruptured Apedix" after feeling severe stomach pain I decided it was best to admit myself to the E.R. After tests and ultrasounds i was expecting the worst. But when the doctor walked in, I was never prepared to hear what came next. "Your Pregnat!!!" With confusion and happiness I waited for Matt to arrive. To give him the news he was going to be a father. He was soo happy. We were excited to start this new chapter in our lives. A family!
"Is it normal to be in this much pain?" is a question I asked alot during my 18 week pregnancy. But surely enough on the ultrasound we saw a very active baby with an amazingly strong heartbeat! Matt and I were so thankful for this reassurence. Vomiting, No appetite (except candy and veggies) and Extreme tiredness was a daily for me. With nothing to compare it to, i just brushed it off as "Normal".

Then Things Changed....

March 13, 2012 I had my 5 month Check-up. Matt had a busy day so I reasured him it was no biggie Dr. Merrill Was just going to do the heart beat sonar. "I was outta the clear" Past that 12 week marker. It was in the bag for me now. In my head I was having a baby aug 20th. As Dr. Merrill was scanning my stomach he just couldnt find the heartbeat. I kept thinking, any second I was going to hear the fast hearbeat and be reassured. 15 minutes later......No Heartbeat. I took a few deep breaths as my doctor told me it's not a big worry that he will just do a full ultrasound just to be sure...I called my Sister and Matt playing it down like here was not a problem. Well my sister saw thru it amd shortly was at the doctoers office with me.
The saddest vision my eyes could see. That beatiful sight we had seen at the last ultrasound. That beautiful flutter and movement. It was no longer there. my sweet baby was not moving.
March 14th I gave birth to Cash Lawrence Remick at 5 months gestation. He was perfect in everyway except for his abdomen. The doctor confirmed my son developed Gastroschisis.

Matt's Sister is a NICU nurse at a local hospital in Tacoma. She explained to us that she sees this condition quite a bit. I began to educate myself. What happened to my Son? What causes this condition?

"Gastroschisis represents a congenital defect characterized by a defect in the anterior abdominal wall through which the abdominal contents freely protrude. There is no overlying sac and the size of the defect is usually less than 4 cm. The abdominal wall defect is located at the junction of the umbilicus and normal skin, and is almost always to the right of the umbilicus".

I had Never heard Of such a condition. "What on Earth did "I" do to cause this?
Did I eat too much candy? I shouldn't have skipped that one day I didnt take my prenatal........"
After We layed our Son in the ground, we prayed for Peace beyond measure. That God would help us to cope. That he would help us to take this experience and use it for good.

It Helps To Know A Nurse