Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The One Year Mark

Last month , was bound to come. It was the one year mark of having our sweet son Cash. We took him flowers and planted a plant in the garden at the cemetary. Matt and I tried to stay positive. We talked about the good that came from having our angel baby only for a short time. This Last year has truly done nothing but break my heart. I seem to be fully aware of every mile stone I would have had , had my son lived.....first smile, first giggle......I have truly been struggling. Wondering why God did not spare him...these will be questions that will never be answered on earth. But I am hopeful for what tomorrow bring....changes for the better. That by using this blog, my son can still be alive in your hearts.

Love Cash's Momma

Monsanto Protection Act. Why You should be outraged!

The food we eat directly affect you and your unborn child......prior to your pregnancy!