Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pregnant Or Planning?????

As Consumers in America, Many times we lose sight of our health. Trading Healthy choices and being educated for convenience. This especially applies to our diets. Do you know where your vegtables in your salad were grown?? What was used to treat them??  In most cases the answere to this question is "NO".
After giving birth to my Son Cash, whom which had passed away inutero. We were made aware of what had stopped the that beautiful growing life. Gastroschisis.


# 1 link to this horrible grim is pesticides used in farming.
Simple Ways to lesson your odds???
Yes we know that daily, you are exposed to many things that put your health at risk......BUT what if just by chosing to eat  organic , you could cut your odds in half for your unborn child???

Atrazine, being a "herbacide" used in over 75% of ag farming  is the topic of many science teams across multiple  University. Thus being a large factor in gastroschisis.........

What are you Eating???

"knowlege is power"

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