Monday, August 20, 2012

Yesterday I was Expecting........

August 19, 2012 was the day we were told to expet our son. Our first born. Our new chapter in life. knowing good and well that my son was going to come when he was darn good and ready. :) I was picturing my self in a hospital bed snuggling my new born, with my Matt by my side sharing our joy. But this is not how my day went. My day started with a soggy reminder of tears on my cheeks, empty arms, and an aching heart. I would not wake to my sons cries, laughs, or sweet face. I woke up a bereaved mother. Matt and I cut fresh flowers from our yard to take to our son. We got to the Cemetary, as I layed over my sons grave, I found myself pleading with God again...with that torturing question of "WHY ???".
After visiting with family for the evening i slowly pulled out of my tantrum with God.....started to see the blessings i STILL have! I wonder what could have been, but I still claim victory walking with Christ....My Ultimate Goal Is to help educate other people about enviromental effects on womens reproductive health and utero, and to tell my Sons story!

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Much Love

Cash's Mom